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We use market research and marketing analysis to gain valuable insights about your customers, the market conditions. We use this knowledge to build a more effective product.

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100% Australian company

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We provide best quality products to whole world

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We are manufacturers

We Provide High Quality and Cost Effective Services.

Our commitment to innovation is reflected in its mission to provide unique products to the needs of practicing veterinarians, animal health professionals, farmers, breeders and pet owners. Scientific, clinical and field research is a constant commitment, becoming a crucial part of the DNA of our company.

Some of our Products

White Spot Syndrome

White Spot Syndrome Virus is very deadly to prawn farming .It damages quality entirely.

Nutri Egg

NUTRI EGG is an unique combination of Soy isoflavones vitamins, extracts of Astragalus and Codonopsis.

Early Morality Syndrome

EMS–C is well researched proprietary blend of Probiotics to control Early Morality Syndrome or Hepatopancreatic Acute Necrosis Syndrome .EMS cause very heavy loss to shrimp producers

Probiotic mix

PROBIOTIC MIX is a concentrated probiotic feed supplement