No Immunity Or Occurring Resistance

Most insecticides are used as part of an integrated management program to extend the field efficiency of insect control agents and to help minimise the build up and carry-over of resistance to insect populations. Not being a nervous system reactant, Insecticide1000 removes the issue of genetic resistance. Therefore, there is no requirement to alternate the use of any other insecticide when using Insecticide1000.

Safe to Use Insecticide

  • Non Hazardous – safe to use in all circumstances – requires no licence or permit to
  • Harmless to poultry – even if
  • Will not interfere with the dietary programs for
  • Gentle enough to be used on any
  • Contains no caustic compounds, no petroleum solvents, no soaps, no abrasives, and no acids.
  • Has no restrictions on the number of treatments applied in any period.

Insecticide1000 takes advantage of the powerful deodorising properties of Australian native essential oils and provides efficient, long lasting and natural deodorising effects to all treated surfaces.
The fresh fragrance of the Australian bush lingers long after use, giving a clean, fresh “cared for” appeal to all treated areas.

Insect Control

Through the use of our exclusive Australian Native Essential Oils and plant based Eleo Esters, Insecticide1000 provides an environment that is repellent and toxic to crawling insect pests. This breakthrough in surface chemistry provides powerful penetrating properties to spray solutions and these purpose built compounds are strongly hydrophobic and carry the actives through any moisture barrier to the surface of the insect. They adhere and penetrate the oily/resinous surface of the insect allowing more efficient access for the actives.

No Immunity Or Occuring Resistance

Insecticide1000 is not a nervous system reactant. Its natural but powerful synergisms are reflected in the effectiveness of this new generation approach to selective insect control.

Saves Time And Money with Insecticide1000

There is no quarantine period following the use of Insecticide1000. Unlike Poison Schedule 6 Insecticides, farm personnel can enter the shed immediately following treatment and litter can be immediately placed. Therefore Insecticide1000 has the ability to save a full day in the shed cleaning procedure.

Uses of Agriculture Insecticide


  • Ideal as a shed wash and in poultry Safely kills and repells spiders and other insect pests.
  • An ideal and more effective replacement for the Schedule 6 Poisons that are used in an attempt to control infestations of Black Litter
  • A safe and effective treatment for the control of lice, mite and other insect pests on the skin

Directions For Use


Remove chickens from shed.
Remove litter from shed and sweep floor.
Wash shed interior (walls, floors and ceiling) with TN 500 using high pressure water at a dilution of 1 part TN 500 to 50 parts water.
Apply TN 500 to shed interior using a large droplet spray at a dilution of 1 part TN 500 to 19 parts water. Dowse shed walls, floors and ceilings thoroughly until ‘run off’ occurs. External areas of shed perimeter should be doused to a distance of 1 metre from shed walls.
New litter can be applied to shed.

Lice And Mite Control

Dilute one part Insecticide1000 with 30-50 parts water.
Spray or massage solution into birds plumage.
Remember Insecticide1000 is not an insecticide and has no residual effect.
Periodic treatment will keep poultry and birds free from lice and mite.

Spider And Other Insect Pest Control

Dilute Insecticide1000 with 20 parts water. Using a large droplet spray douse insect pests and all areas where insect pests congregate. Repeat process as necessary.

Guideline to evaluate the efficacy of Insecticide1000 to control Chicken Mites

Insecticide1000 is a totally new insecticide for use in the chicken industry and has been recently approved by the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA) which is the Australian government authority responsible for the assessment and registration of pesticides and veterinary medicines.

The documentation of the successful trials carried out in order to achieve registration is attached. They were extensive and arduous.

As shown, these trials and the main usage of the product, at this stage, involved the control of darkling beetles by treatment of the sheds prior to the addition of the chickens.

Since that time we have achieved major successes in Australia and some Asian countries in the control of mite infestation on chickens by fine misting or fogging throughout the sheds during the growing cycle or periodically in the egg laying sheds.

The method of use as shown on the label of the samples you received is as follows:

  • Use Insecticide1000 at a dilution of 1 part in 50 parts
  • Apply Insecticide1000 at intervals of 10-14 days for complete control of insect
  • Insecticide1000 can be applied through the shed fogging system or using a fine mist sprayer. Fine misting of the chicken is
  • A 3-5 minute spray will control bird mite in both broiler and laying


It should be noted that contact with Insecticide1000 will have no detrimental effects on the birds. We have also attached a short presentation showing the results of a trial in the Philippines. Although this was not a method dictated by our company, this presentation demonstrates effectiveness, with no harm to the birds, of direct spraying onto the chickens.

Where infestation is strongly active, two or three spray applications, two days apart, are recommended as an initial treatment.

The effectiveness of Insecticide1000 should be noticed after these primary treatments.

Because the Insecticide1000 displays strong repellent properties for the mites, initial activity should include a visible movement of the insects from the birds.

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