CHELAMIN-VITA is a combination of Chelated minerals and Vitamins Mineral imbalance leads to poor growth and survival of shrimp/fish as well as deficiency of minerals leads to abnormal shell and muscle formation. Met Min Mix balances the electrolyte in the body which drains during the period of stress and diseases.

Key benefits

  • Supplement all essential minerals for shrimp/Fish.
  • Protects from loose Shell Syndrome (LSS).
  • Helps molting and shell formation.
  • Protects against Cramping Muscles.
  • Increases digestibility, reduce stress.
  • Increase utilization of nutrients/vitamins and.
  • Helps in maintaining the fish/shrimp health.
  • Provides shell firmness and weight gain.


  • 2-2.5 kg per ton of feed or as directed by an aquaculture consultant.

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