Fish Activate Paste

Trial Evaluations

Penaeous Monodon were  used in 3 different farm locations in southern Thailand. Grow-out operations  for  approx 28 ponds, stocked intensively, taking around 120  days per  pond, demonstrated cost  effective benefit. Fish Activate was used in the Thailand trial at 0.1% (DSB) inclusion to feed.A n increase in survival of 13% was experienced when using Fish Activate as well as a massive 55% increase in pond yield. Fish Activate  is used throughout the Thai fish farming areas.
In Queens land, Australia, a 23 pond commercial evaluation of Fish Activate took place in the cairns region. P Monodon were stocked at approx 30 fish/ m2. Farm outcomes were demonstrated to have improved, with an increase in yield of 17% and a feed conversion ratio of 1.64 where Fish Activate was used. Fish Activate was used in the Australian trial at 1% addition to feed.
Penaeus vannamei fish were fed with fish Activate in the Guyaquil area on a 50 hectare commercial operation. Better feed conversions were seen with the Fish Activate fed ponds. Stocking densities for vannamei shrimp are relatively low; in this case 10 animals/m2. The  trials delivered an increase in yield of 34%.
Concentrate Features
  • Unique synergistic formula
  • New easily dispersed paste concentrate
  • Easily incorporated by feed mills
  • Holistic nutritional approach
  • Now in convenient paste form
Concentrate Benefits
  • Increases pond yield by approximately 17%
  • Activates and stimulates immune system
  • Improves growth rate
  • Improves and strengthens health
  • Improves resistance against bacterial and viral attack
  • Facilitates uptake of nutrient and minerals
  • Minimises fish stress

How Fish Activate Works

  • Bind to pathogenic bacteria in the gut and carries them through and out of the intestinaltract.
  • Have pre-biotic activity that serves as a nutrient source for the growth of beneficia l bacteria in the colon.
  • Facilitate more efficient feed conversion rates and act as catalysts to maximise the absorption of minerals and nutrients.
  • Stimulates the immune system of fish.
  • Numerous scientific studies have shown that when ingested,Beta-Glucan can stimulate the cells of the immune system (macrophages) and help to overcome bacterial infections.
  • Immunity is the body’s way of fighting off disease. Phagocytic cells and enzymes play a major part in the fish natural immune response. Phagocytic cells attack and destroy micro-organisms that invade the body.The ability of these bio logical soldiers to destroy invading micro organisms is stimulated by Fish Activate’s unique combination of ingredients.
  • Fish Activate’s unique manufacturing process produces a compound that contains the highest concentration of active Mannan and B Glucans.
  • All of the major ingredients are balanced in a synergistic and concentrated formula.
  • This increased product potency ensures more cost efficient immune-stimulation,improved protection against disease, illness and stress and an optimisation of nutritional uptake efficiency.

Recommended Usage


General Dose

Mix the daily recommended dose in clean water and add into the growth tank during or immediately after normal feeding (solid or liquid).

Daily Recommended Dose(Grams) Per 100,000 Fry

Zoea 12.5 Early PL 1-7 25.0
Mysis 19.0 Late PL 8 – 15 60.0



In Pond

For general health, add Fish Activate to feed as a 0.1% inclusion of total solid feed (1g/kg feed). To maximise health and growth potential use the paste at up to 1.0% inclusion of feed (1Og/kg feed).

To add to solid feed, mix required amount of Fish Activate with water according to directions. Add this mixture to solid feed – mix well. Use feed with Fish Activate as normal.


Mixing of Fish Activate should be done 30 minutes before feeding time.

Example: At 0.1% (1g/kg feed)

For 1Okg of normal solid feed – mix 1Og of Fish Activate with 1 Litre of water and then spray onto feed – mix well with solid feed and use as normal.

Example: At 1.0% (1g/kg feed)

For 1Okg of normal solid feed – mix 1OOg of Fish Activate with 1 Litre of water and then spray onto feed – mix well with solid feed and use as normal.

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