MET IMB – Aquaculture Medicine

When animals self defense mechanism is weak, the shrimp/fish are prone to diseases and exposed at the risk of being attacked by pathogens. This leads to mass mortalities and heavy monetary loss to farmers. Considering safety from this loss Meteoric Vet Sciences brings you Met IMB, a dual action answer with Immune stimulant and performance booster to prevent this kind of loss.

Key Benefits of MET IMB

  • Enhances immunity and becomes resistant to diseases.
  • Contains E- Vit C (coated vitamin C) which helps in boosting immunity and keeps healthy hepatopancreas.
  • Contains Lactobacilus acidophilus which acidifies the gut and prevents the growth of pathogens in gut.
  • Combination of Vitamins with selenium and gram positive bacteria helps fish/shrimp to overcome the EMS (Early Mortality Syndrome) by improving immune system.
  • Increases stress tolerance capacity.
  • Improves muscles and skeletal development.
  • Improves activeness and health.

Dosage of Aquaculture Medicine - Met IMB for Fish and Shrimp

  • At culture in fish feed: 3 gram / kg of pellets
  • Mix the Recommended quantity in feed. Dry the feed under cool shade for 30 minutes before feeding.

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