METHIO 400 is methionine in the form of off-white granules.

Amino Acid, Protein feed for Aquaculture

Mode of Action

  • The active ingredient methionine is protected from any damage due to the presence of coating of the granules.
  • When the particles reach the abomasum, a small portion is released dueto thephysicalactionandabrasion
  • Its active ingredient is then, gradually released in the small intestine

Special Advantages of METHIO 400

  • Improves milk yield and quality
  • Improve reproductive performance
  • Slow release of the active ingredient
  • Excellent bio-availability
  • Is fully absorbed by the small intestine
  • Decreases water dissolve rate of crystal amino acid
  • Increased milk protein level and increased milk yield, especially all the beginning of lactation.
  • Balances amino acid ration; so less ammonia gas transition rate in the large intestine, and improved raising environment.
  • Helps in optimal transfer of triglycerides (VLDL): methionine favors the formation of lipoproteins (VLDL) necessary for the evacuation of lipids from the liver which helps prevent fatty infiltration.


Animal Dose(Mix with Feed) Duration
Aqua 15 gm/Kg of feed As guided by the Veterinarian

Presentation: 1 Kg, 25Kg.

Storage: Store in sealed packages, avoid light and moisture.

Shelf Life: 2 years

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