MINVITAZYMES is a mineral balancer. Minerals and trace elements are vital for shrimp and fish as well as for a functioning bio-system in a pond. A lack or an imbalance may lead to severe problems, manifest in poor plant growth, algae growth, odd behavior of the pond inhabitants or even losses.

Composition of Minvitazymes

Met Min contains highly concentrated minerals (Phosphorus, boran, selenium zinc, cobalt, manganese, magnesium,calcium, etc.) vitamins (A, C, D3 and E) and enzymes (Amylase, lipase, xylanase, phytase etc.) in suitable proportions.

Key Benefits of Aquaculture Feed

  • Balances mineral deficiency.
  • Met Min provides shell firmness and weight gain.
  • Makes bore water suitable to culture.
  • Increases growth & body weights.
  • Makes Prawn / Fish healthy.
  • Maintains healthy exoskeleton, shell formation.
  • Increases digestibility, utilization of nutrients/vitamins and weight gain, helps 8. in maintain fish/shrimp health.

Dosage Vitamins and Enzymes for Fish and Shrimp

  • In water: 2-3 kg. per hectare
  • Through Feed: 10-20 gms. per kg of feed.

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