MULTI TRACE MINERALS is a Trace minerals concentrate.

Composition of Trace Minerals Concentrates

Each kg contains:

Manganese sulphate 60 gms.
Zinc sulphate 55 gms.
Ferrous sulphate 55 gms.
Cobalt sulphate 500 mg.
Sodium selenite 500 mg.
Copper sulphate 3 gms.
Potassium iodide 3 gms.
Protein hydrolysate 3 gms.
Enzyme phytase Q.S.

Benefits of Trace Minerals Concentrate

  • Improves the bone & muscle strength
  • Corrects the deficiency symptoms of minerals.
  • Increases the growth, body weight & disease resistance.

Dosage of Multi Trace Mineral for Aquaculture

  • Regular use: 2 kg. / ton of feed.
  • During deficiency: 5 kg. / ton of feed or as advised by a veterinarian.

Presentation: 5 Kg pouches, 25 Kg bag.

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