PLANKTON PROMOTER is a combination of all essential ingredients to promote the healthy and stable growth of beneficial plankton. Stable and healthy Aquaculture feed plankton is essential for survival/growth of shrimp and fish. Nutritional value of plankton is very high and is required for enhancing the growth of cultured fish and shrimp.

Key Benefits of Plankton Promoter

  • Develops plankton and stabilizes pond pH.
  • Maintains pond temperatures.
  • Improves water quality.
  • Prawn / Fish relieves from stress.
  • Unique feed supplement with specialized growth enhancers.

Dosage of Plankton Promoter for Shrimp and Fish

  • 1mtr. water depth.
  • 10-12 kg. per hectare. (or) as advised by an aquaculture consultant.

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