Shrimp Activate


Shrimp Activate is a natural yeast-based feed supplement, which is designed to stimulate the immune system and promote growth of shrimp. The properties of yeast have been widely researched and have shown to boost the immune system of animals. Specifically it is the glucan and mannan found in the yeast cell wall that results in the disease preventing properties.

The immune stimulating properties of glucan and mannan are greatly enhanced by the patented process through which Shrimp Activate is prepared. The unique process releases these ingredients from the cell wall of the yeast by milling to an optimal particle size of less than one micron.

Absorption of Shrimp Activate by the shrimp is increased due to this low particle size and this is seen to significantly improve immune response.

It is well documented that only particles of one micron or less can pass into the mid-gut of the shrimp where all absorption into the blood stream occurs. Any particle, greater than one micron in size, will bypass the mid-gut and go directly to the hind-gut, where it cannot be absorbed.



  • Shrimp farming is intensive and stressful for the shrimp. Stress compromises the health of the shrimp, and when disease is added to the environment, farmers carry substantial losses in yields and profits.
  • Shrimp Activate is designed to stimulate the natural immunity of shrimp and ensure that the immune system is at maximum readiness to quickly fight off any disease invasion minimizing such losses.
  • Trials have shown that, when stock is challenged with disease organisms, the average survival of shrimp has increased significantly through use of Shrimp Activate.
  • Results from these trials have shown an increase in both growth and survival after being challenged


  • Shrimp Activate promotes growth and good health of shrimp through the proven properties of yeast cell wall material.
  • Trials on shrimp, fed with Shrimp Activate, have shown results of substantial increases in yield. An increase in yield of 34% was shown in Ecuador Trials in 1997.
  • Exceptional results for increased yield have been shown in trials conducted under varying conditions all around the world’s major shrimp producing nations.


  • Feed Conversion Ratios (FCRs) are reduced by Shrimp Activate through the promotion of better health of the shrimp, which in turn reduces feed costs.
  • There is also a reduction in the need for use of chemotherapeutics when the shrimp is in a naturally healthy state.
  • Australian Trials conducted in 2001, further confirmed the decrease in feed conversion ratio of farms through the use of Shrimp Activate.
  • The addition of Shrimp Activate to the diet of shrimp also enhances growth rates.
  • This increase in growth rates may help to shorten the time to market and may aid increasing the potential profitability of cultured shrimp.

Concentrate Features


  • Unique synergistic formula
  • New easily dispersed paste concentrate
  • Easily incorporated by feed mills
  • Holistic nutritional approach
  • Now in convenient paste form
Concentrate Benefits


  • Increases pond yield by approximately 17%
  • Activates and stimulates immune system
  • Improves growth rate
  • Improves and strengthens health
  • Improves resistance against bacterial and viral attack
  • Facilitates uptake of nutrient and minerals
  • Minimises fish stress

How Shrimp Activate Works

Immunity is the body’s way of fighting off disease. Phagocytic cells and enzymes play a major part in the shrimp’s natural immune response. Phagocytic cells attack and destroy micro-organisms that invade the body.

The ability of these biological soldiers to destroy invading micro­organisms is stimulated by ShrimpActiva’s unique combination of ingredients. In ShrimpActivate, these ingredients have been released from the yeast cell wall to increase performance by milling to an optimal particle size, (less than one micron) to increase absorption and maximize immuno stimulant activity.

Most other products contain predominately glucan, and are not milled, resulting in a particle size of approximately eight microns. By using a unique milling process to combine the two active ingredients, and achieve the smaller particle size of less than one micron, ShrimpActivate can achieve significant product efficacy advantages.


ShrimpActivate is designed to:

  • Maximise product efficacy
  • Boost immune stimulation
  • Protect against bacterial & viral challenge
  • Minimise shrimp stress
  • Reduced FCR’s through better health
  • Preferred option to chemotherapeutics


ShrimpActivate Key Advantages in the Shrimp Digestive System

  • In yeast cell walls Mannan completely encapsulates beta glucan, therefore, if used whole, shrimp cannot absorb beta glucan
  • Non-digestible particles >1um are filtered out by stomach and pass directly to hindgut bypassing midgut absorption system
  • ShrimpActivate is milled to both expose the beta glucan as well as reduce particle size to <1um
  • ShrimpActivate absorbed in circulatory system from mid-gut

Shrimp Activate – Functional activity

  • Binds to pathogenic bacteria in the gut and carries them through and out of the intestinal tract.
  • Has pre-biotic activity that serves as a nutrient source for the growth of beneficial bacteria in the colon.
  • Facilitates more efficient feed conversion rates and acts as a catalyst to maximise the absorption of minerals and nutrients.
  • Prevents colonisation by blocking the intestinal sugar sites for bad bacteria eg: E. coli, S. typhimurium, Vibrio. Cholera
  • Binds to lectin sites on bad bacteria thereby allowing them to pass through the intestine without harm
  • Provides nutrient for “good bacteria” eg lactobacillus and bifidobacteria
Stimulates the immune system of shrimp. Numerous scientific studies have shown that when ingested orally, Beta-Glucan can stimulate the cells of the immune system (macrophages) and help to overcome bacterial infections. Shrimp Activate’s unique manufacturing process produces a compound that contains the highest concentration of active Mannan and β Glucans of any paste. All of the major ingredients are balanced in a synergistic and concentrated formula. This increased product potency ensures more cost efficient immuno-stimulation, improved protection against disease, illness and stress and an optimisation of nutritional uptake efficiency.



Shrimp Activates has been tried and tested around the world in many different trials. The results obtained from the trial work prove the efficacy of the product Shrimp Activate in the field giving farmers’ confidence, peace of mind and desired results.

Shrimp Activate is processed using natural and technologically advanced methods. Physical, chemical and microbiological testing is completed on Shrimp Activate throughout the process.

  • Shrimp Activate is unique as it is in a paste form. The paste form allows the particles to remain suspended in the liquid and maintain their particle size of less than one micron.
  • Powdered products result in particle agglomerating to particle sizes in excess of 50 micron and hence activity is reduced.
  • The patented process allows releasing the beta glucan and mannan from the yeast cell wall, making Shrimp Activate higher in its active ingredient. If whole yeast cell walls are used, the shrimp cannot digest the beta-glucan in the cell.
  • Increased absorption of the ingredients in Shrimp Activate is achieved through the milling to the optimal particle size of less than one micron.
  • It has been well documented that particles of greater than one micron in size bypass the mid-gut of the shrimp where all the absorption of compounds into the blood stream occurs. Therefore particles of greater than one micron will not be absorbed and will be excreted from the hind-gut without having passed into the mid-gut and blood stream.



General Dose for Backyard Type Hatchery

In the amount of 0.5% of the shrimp’s daily feed requirement, Shrimp Activate is mixed in clean water, and then poured into the growth tank during, or immediately after, normal feeding (solid or liquid). Standard Doses for Intensive Type Hatchery

Mix the daily-recommended dose in clean water and add into the growth tank during or immediately after normal feeding (solid or liquid).

Stage Daily recommended dose (grams)
Per 100,000 Fry
Zoea 6.0
Mysis 10.0
Early PL 1-7 12.5
Early PL 8-15 30.0
In Pond

Shrimp Activate paste is added to feed at 0.5% wet (0.1% dry solids basis) inclusion of total solid feed.

To add to solid feed, mix amount of Shrimp Activate required with water at a ratio of 1:3.

Add this mix to solid feed and mix well. Use feed with Shrimp Activate as per normal feeding regime. Example: When feeding 10 kg of normal solid feed, mix 50 g of Shrimp Activate paste with 150 ml of water and then spray to feeds – mix well with solid feed and use as per normal feeding regime.



In the unopened containers, the food supplement is expected to remain stable for 36 months. Once opened, the contents must be used within 28 days.


Technical Bulletin

Appearance A light grey-green slurry/paste with an earthy odour.
Solubility Dispersible in water.
Packaging 20kg buckets
Uses Intended to improve the health of animals. The product is not intended for human consumption.
Safety No known toxicity to humans. However, care should be taken to avoid contact with skin or ingestion of material.
Storage In the unopened containers, the feed supplement is expected to remain stable for 36 months.
Once opened, the contents should be used within 28 days.
Appearance Light grey-green slurry/paste
Protein 4.65
Fat 3.06
Ash 0.75 (Mainly from dietary fibre content)
Carbohydrate (total) 13.6
Carbohydrate (Ex DF) 0.75
Total Glucans 6.6
Mannan 4.97
  The information above is, to the best of our knowledge, correct. It is a general specification and is not intended to be specific to any particular product batch

Commercial Evaluation


  1. Ecuador 1999 – challenged with Vibrio parahaemolyticus Control 38% survival, ShrimpActiva 78% survival
  2. Thailand 1998 – 13% increase in survival (p monodon)
  3. Australia 1999 – 17% increase in yield (p monodon)
  4. Ecuador 1997 – p vannamei species increased yield by 34%
In Arangue, Ecuador at the world class Aqualab hatchery and pond facilities, 0.5%. ShrimpActivate enhanced feed was trialed to test survival rates against challenge from Vibrio parahaemolyticus. ShrimpActivate was added to the standard feed and fed to the shrimps for one week then the shrimp were challenged by v. parahaemolyticus for one week. The survival rates were then measured. ShrimpActivate delivered over twice the survival rate when compared to the standard diet. The Control diet delivered 32% survival and ShrimpActivate delivered 78%
Average Pond Yield (kg/ha)            Average Pond
Penaeous Monodon were used in 3 different farm locations in southern Thailand. Grow-out operations for approx intensively, taking around 120 days per pond, demonstrated cost effective benefit.
ShrimpActivate was used in the Thailand trial at 0.1% (DSB) inclusion to feed. An increase in survival of 13% was experienced when using ShrimpActivate as well as a increase in pond yield.
Av Pond Yield (kg/ha)                Feed Conversion Ratio
In Queensland, Australia, a 23 pond commercial evaluation of ShrimpActivate took place in the Cairns region. P Monodon were stocked at approx 30 shrimps/m2.
Farm outcomes were demonstrated to improved, with an increase in yield of 17% and a feed conversion ratio of 1.64 where ShrimpActiva was used. ShrimpActivate was used in the Australia trial at 1% addition to feed.
Av Pond Yield (kg/ha)                  Feed Conversion Ratio
Penaeus vannamei shrimp were fed with ShrimpActivate in the Guyaquil area on a 50 hectare commercial operation. Better feed conversions were seen with the ShrimpActivate fed ponds.
Stocking densities for vannamei shrimp are relatively low; in this case 10 animals/m2.
The trials delivered an increase in yield of 34%.

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