Chicken Nutritional Activate (CNA)

CNA Concentrate Features

  • Unique synergistic, triple action formula
  • New easily dispersed paste concentrate
  • Easily incorporated by feed mills
  • Holistic nutritional approach
  • Now in convenient paste form

CNA Concentrate Benefits

  • Activates and stimulates immune system
  • Improves growth rate
  • Improves and strengthens health
  • Improves resistance against bacterial and viral attack
  • Facilitates uptake of nutrient and minerals
  • Powerhouse Paste for Chicken
  • Health Improves farm yields
  • Natural Immunity Enhancer

How CNA’s Triple action works

  1. Mannanoligosaccharides:
    Binds to pathogenic bacteria in the gut and carries them through and out of the intestinal tract.
    Has pre-biotic activity that serves as a nutrient source for the growth of beneficial bacteria in the colon.
    Facilitates more efficient feed conversion rates and acts as a catalyst to maximise the absorption of minerals and nutrients.
  2. 3-1-3-Glucans:
    Stimulates the immune system of chickens.
    Numerous scientific studies have shown that when ingested orally, Beta-Glucan can stimulate the cells of the immune system (macrophages) and help to overcome bacterial infections.

Immunity is the body’s way of fighting off disease. Phagocytic cells and enzymes play a major part in the chicken’s natural immune response. Phagocytic cells attack and destroy micro-organisms that invade the body. The ability of these biological soldiers to destroy invading micro organisms is stimulated by CNA’s unique combination of ingredients.

CNA’s unique manufacturing process produces a compound that contains the highest concentration of active Mannan and ß Glucans of any paste All of the major ingredients are balanced in a synergistic and concentrated formula.
This increased product potency ensures more cost efficient immuno- stimulation, improved protection against disease, illness and stress and an optimisation of nutritional uptake efficiency.

Usage Directions

CNA can be added directly into feed at the rate of 0.2% (2Kg per tonne of dry feed).
Feed should be mixed thoroughly

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