Chrom Galaxy

Ingredients – Each Kg. contains 122 – 124 grams of Chromium made from Chromium Picolinate.

Alternate names : Chromium Picolinate, Chromium Tripicolinate, Cr TPA

CAS Registry Number – 14639-24-9

Chemical Family – Nitrogen Heterocycle, Metal Salt

Molecular Weight – 418.30

Empirical Formula – C18N3O6Cr

Appearance – Free Flowing Powder

Color – Red

Mesh – 99% thru 200 Mesh

Heavy Metals
Arsenic < 5ppm
Cadmium < 1ppm
Mercury < 5ppm
Lead < 10ppm

Total Plate Count < 10 /gram
E. Coli – Negative
Salmonella – Negative

Storage – Store at room temperature away from excessive heat and humidity

Shelf Life – Shelf life under proper storage conditions 3 years

Recommended Dosage – Suggested supplementation as fed in accordance with studies 1,2,3 and 4. Please check with your Nutritionist or Veterinarian for your requirements.

Pig and Poultry Caracas Traits and Sow live litter rates – 200 ppb CHROMIUM PICOLINATE

Egg Cholesterol Reduction – 400 – 800 ppb CHROMIUM from CHROMIUM PICOLINATE

Results from independent studies have demonstrated that CHROMIUM PICOLINATE is effective in improving carcass traits in pigs and poultry as well as increasing sow live litter rates and lowering egg cholesterol.

Chrom Galaxy for Pig

  • Increased LMA up to 22%
  • Decrease Tenth Rib Back Fat up to 22%
  • Increase Sow born litter rates up to 22%
  • Increase Sow live litter rates up to 22%

Cr TPA for Poultry

  • Increase Muscle area
  • Decrease back fat
  • Lower egg yolk cholesterol up to 33%
  • Lower total serum cholesterol up to 38%

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