COLI 10 – Poultry Antibiotic

COLI 10 is an antibiotic containing 10% colistin sulphate in the form of yellow micro capsule.

Mode of Action – Poultry Antibiotic

  • COLI 10 is a kind of polypeptide antibiotics.
  • The positive free amino group of the active ingredients is combines with negative polyphosphate in the cell membrane as well as with nucleic acid to form insoluble compounds, resulting in cell membrane damage, permeability improvement of cell membrane and leakage of intracellular phosphate and nucleic acid to kill bacteria.

Special Advantages of Polypeptide Antibiotics

  • High bioavailability; Colistin is effectively released in intestine
  • Free of adverse smell and taste, good palatability,therefore, increases feed intake
  • No side effect, no residue in animal products.
  • It can significantly stimulate growth of young animals, elevate feed conversion and increase economic benefit.
  • Prevents occurrence of infectious gastroenteritis of livestock; prevent and cure intestinal disease caused by E. coli, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Salmonella and other G– negative bacteria.

Dosage of Antibiotics for Poultry Animals

Animal Dose(Mix with Feed) Duration
Poultry 10 mg/Kg of Feed Or as guided by the Veterinarian

Caution: Do not use it for breeding stock and breeding poultry.

Presentation: 25 gm

Storage: Well sealed and stored in cool and dry place.

Shelf Life: 2 years

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