FEED ENZYME is a multienzyme feed supplement used in poultry.

Composition of Poultry Feed Enzyme

  • Amylase, protease, lipase, xylanase, glucanase, alpha-galactosidase,beta-galactosidase, cellulase, pectinase, and phytase in appropriate proportions.

Benefits of Poultry Enzyme

  • Improves manure quality and very less environmental pollution.
  • Aids in degrading and digesting non starch polysaccharides and other anti nutritional factors.
  • Complete utilization of the nutrients in the feed.
  • Ammonia formation in the gut is minimised.
  • Feed value is increased with even less cost or less nutritive value ingredients.
  • Provides extra energy, extra utilisation of nutrients.
  • Better FCR and optimum feed consumption.
  • Reduces wet droppings.
  • Birds become healthy and active.

Dosage of Feed Enzyme

  • Poultry Feed: 500 gms./ton of feed. continously (or) as advised by a poultry consultant.

Presentation: 1kg pouch, 25 kg plastic drum.

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