FLORFEN 20 – Poultry Antibiotic Powder

FLORFEN 20 is a highly effective water soluble ,white coloured antibiotic powder containing 20% Florfenicol

Mode of Action of Poultry Antibiotic Powder

  • The other name of florfenicol is fluorine thiamphenicol.
  • It is a wide spectrum antibiotic thereby exhibits antimicrobial actions against wide range of microbes.

Special Advantages of FLORFEN 20

  • Highly effective water soluble powder
  • High drug concentration in lung tissue can effectively control lung lessions
  • Quickly removes the tissue inflammation
  • Improves immune infection and at the same time have a protect and repair effect on the intestinal mucosa
  • Quickly eliminates the clinical symptoms
  • Improves the cure rate.
  • Effective cures animal bacterial infection and mycoplasma gallisepticum
  • Is especially effective for treating Bacterial Chronic respiratory disease, Riemerella anatipestifer infection and Acute gastroenteritis in poultry

Dosage Antibiotics Powder for Poultry Animals

Animal Dose (Mix with Feed) 2 times a day Duration Or as guided by the Veterinarian
Chicken 100-200mg/Kg of feed Use for 3-7 days Continuously

Withdrawal period

Chicken: 5 days


Presentation: 50 gm

Storage: Store in cool and ventilated place, protected from light.

Shelf Life: 2 days

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