KITA 50% – Antibiotic for Broiler

KITA 50% is 50% Kitasamycin in the form of Yellow micro-capsule.

Mode of Action Kita 50% for Animals

  • Kitasamycin belongs to the large ring lactone class antibiotic, antibacterial spectrum stronger than erythromycin
  • It is effective against gram-negative bacterium such as H. influenza, Meningitis diplococcus, pasteurella, etc.
  • For most gram-positive bacteria, antibacterial effect is slightly inferior to erythromycin.

Special Advantages of KITA 50%

  • Slow-released : More kitasamycine can go through gastric acid safely.
  • Protect the health of the whole intestine.
  • Free of bitter taste, not harmful to gastric mucosa.
  • Cures necrotic enteritis and decrease occurrence rate of intestinal diseases.
  • Used in the treatment of mycoplasma and leptospira infection; Can also be used in the treatment of vibrio diarrhea.

Dosage Kitasamycin 50% Antibiotic for Boiler

Animal Dose(Mix with Feed) Duration
Little Broiler 20 mg/Kg of Feed As guided by the Veterinarian
Growing Broiler 10 mg/Kg of Feed
Duckling 15 mg/Kg of Feed
Cuhk Duck 10 mg/Kg of Feed

Withdrawal period

Chicken: 7 days


Presentation: 30 g.

Storage: Store in dry and ventilated place; protect from light.

Shelf Life: 2 years

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