MULTI TRACEMINERAL is a Trace minerals concentrate.

Composition of Trace Minerals Concentrate

Manganesesulphate 60gms.
Zincsulphate 55gms.
Ferroussulphate 55gms.
Cobaltsulphate 500mg.
Sodiumselenite 500mg.
Coppersulphate 3gms.
Potassiumiodide 3gms.
Proteinhydrolysate 3gms.
Enzymephytase Q.S.

Benefits of Multi Trace Mineral

Improves Avoids
Quality & quantity of meat Leg weakness & lameness
Egg production Loose shell & broken eggs.
General health & activeness Poor feathering
Growth & body weights Poor hatchability
Disease resistance etc Poor growth

Dosage of Trace Minerals for Poultry Animals

  • Regular use: 1 kg. / ton of feed
  • During deficiency: 2 kg. / ton of feed

Presentation: 5 Kg pouches, 25 Kg bag

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