SUPERMINERALS is a concentrated mineral mixture and used as a poultry feed supplement.

Composition of SuperMinerals

Each kg contains
Sodium chloride 10 gm.
Sodium bicarbonate 25 gm.
Sodium citrate 50 gm.
Calcium gluconate 12 gm.
Magnesium sulphate 8 gm.
Potassium chloride 30 gm.
Calcium lactate 12 gm
Zinc sulphate 8 gm.
Ferrous sulphate 8 gm.
Dextrose as carrier 837 gm

Benefits of Concentrated Mineral Mixture

  • Neutralizes electrolyte imbalance
  • Act as a stress reliever
  • Works as best supportive therapy

Dosage of SuperMinerals for Poultry Animals

  • 1gm Per liter of drinking water

Presentation: 1kg. pouch

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